About Us

We are Specialised in ENTERPRISE SOLUTION

PPN Solutions has earned the trust of some of the world's most influential advisors, helping businesses become more efficient. Being the top on-demand advisor, we bring a wide range of services for businesses. From the beginning, PPN Solutions has worked to improve efficiency and transparency within our client businesses.

We assist our customers by imparting our knowledge and experience to them; this includes providing non-profits with outsourced operational assistance. We are not committed to any one ideology and instead operate under the premise that thoughtful people of many political persuasions and ideologies may work together to address our society's problems. We also do not dictate how our clients use their resources; we work in response to client demand.



We Are Next - Gen On-Demand Advisors

The goal of our consulting services for businesses is to help them develop strategies that will lead to expansion and success.

It's All About Quality

The contact information you have on file will always be up-to-date, comprehensive, and correct because of our ability to link with thousands of sources and handle millions of data changes daily.

Focus on the Right Audience

If you can identify promising leads, then quality is sound. Instead of relying on static filters and targets, Adapt dynamically learns from each encounter with a consumer...

We have what you need

We offer a free set of tools and connectors to guarantee a smooth integration with your current processes. Information is available whenever and wherever it's needed.

PPN Solutions

PPN Solutions was established in 2017 with aim to build successful implementation delivery team & support our partners in delivering complex projects across technology

We have worked with a wide variety of partners in engagement from Big 4 to Boutique IT. We are building ur position in the SAP & Analytics market due to successful projects across clients and industries