Finance Transformations

Finance Transformations

Finance plays a pivotal role in helping the company adapt to a dynamic market by providing more effectiveness and the constant need for more productivity with fewer resources. Finance services must pivot from transaction processing and reporting towards strategic business support to promote profitable development. The Finance Transformation practice at KPMG backs the whole agenda. By concentrating on the issues that top finance executives worldwide have identified as most pressing, we can aid in improving the overall efficiency of the finance department.

We assist you in rethinking your capacity for planning, budgeting, and foresight. As a result, you get the management benefits of both efficiency and peak performance. We help our clients to make better decisions more quickly and with more initiative, allowing them to handle financial change better.


Unified FP&A Platform

Strategic Planning

Strategic Thinking
Initiatives Collecting
Initiatives Short Listing
Capital Allocation

Operations Planning

Commercial / Category / Channel /Planning
Rawmaterial Plannning
Demand Planning
HR Planning
Production / Warehouse / Distribution & Logistics Planning
IT, MKTG and Other Staff Functions Planning

Financial Planning

Multi-currency Management
Intercompany Treatment
Driver-Based Output
Financial Statements Schemes
Management Reporting
Working capital


Management Reporting
Statutory Reporting
Self service
Financial Reporting
Disclsoures/ External/ Regulatory reporting
Office reporting

BI & Advanced Analytics

Visual Data Discovery
Predictive Analytics
Clustering & Other Analytical Functions

PPN Solutions

PPN Solutions was established in 2017 with aim to build successful implementation delivery team & support our partners in delivering complex projects across technology

We have worked with a wide variety of partners in engagement from Big 4 to Boutique IT. We are building ur position in the SAP & Analytics market due to successful projects across clients and industries